Mitchell Tabla:  Senior Pastor       email:        Mitchell Tabla


Mitchell Tabla has been serving PMBC as pastor since August of 2012.  Mitchell married the love of his life, Kelly, in April of 2016.  Mitchell is a graduate from Purdue University, receiving his first degree in the school of management.  He also finished his studies at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in Biblical Studies.  Beyond school,  Mitchell's largest passion is ministry.  He has served within the local church for years,  leading in ministries such as: Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Senior Adult Ministry, Various Bible Studies, Missions Coordinator, and Preaching the Word of God.  Outside of the church, Mitchell enjoys spending time with his wife, the performing arts, bowling, golf, and most of all enjoying quality time with others. 

Dakotah Yokum:  Ministry Assistant/Education.  email:  Dakotah Yokum

Dakotah has been serving PMBC since October of 2018.  As Ministry Assistant/Education Director, Dakotah will be responsible for coordinating and developing the education teams at PMBC as well as aiding Pastor Mitch in weekly ministry duties. As a brother in Christ Dakotah has served in many different aspects. Dakotah grew up in church and came from a small town called Hillsboro, MO.  He has lead in ministries such as youth, young adult, children's ministry, summer camp staff, and has filled in the pulpit when needed.  He's married to a wonderful woman and love of his life Kristen Yokum. Dakotah enjoys playing and watching sports. He loves the St.Louis Cardinals and thoroughly loves watching the Cubs loose. Most of all he has a passion for God and ministry. 

  Sonya Lindgren:  Secretary       email:       Sonya Lindgren


Sonya has been serving PMBC as church secretary since 2017.  We are so delighted to have her as a part of our team.  Sonya studied with Golden Gate Theological Seminary and received her diploma in Christian Ministry.  Apart from her time at the church, Sonya works for the City of Portage.   Throughout her time in ministry, Sonya has spent many hours in service to our GREAT God.  She has served in youth ministry, missions, and children's ministry.  In her spare time, Sonya enjoys spending time with her husband Dave and dog Chrissy, spending time with friends, and ministering to others.  Welcome to the TEAM! 

  Ashlee Hazard:  Children's Director    email:       Ashlee Hazard

Ashlee Hazard has been serving at PMBC since September of 2018 and takes great responsibility in organizing any and all manners and events involving the children. God has blessed her with two beautiful children of her own and in March of 2013 she married her best friend Tom. When she’s not devoting her time to the children she works as a full time barber. When free time surfaces Ashlee loves going to concerts and watching the Cubs. Above all she wishes nothing more then to lead any child who crosses her path to Christ.

Louie Liberto: Youth Director    email:           Louie Liberto

Louie Liberto has been serving with the youth group since early 2017.  Louie has a fun personality and loves to interact with our teens.  Louie is married to his wife Liz Liberto and has a wonderful family.  We look forward to seeing how God will use Louie  as the director of our youth program for many more years to come.  

Dewey and Dolly Tabla: Music Ministry and Event Planning

Dewey and Dolly love serving at PMBC.  They have been serving with the church since 2013.  Dewey is the director of our Music Ministry, while Dolly serves as our Event Coordinator.  In his spare time, Dewey loves to play music, watch football, and use his power tools.  Dolly enjoys scrapbooking, arts and crafts, and the occasional shopping trip.  Ultimately, both love God and love people.  They want to see God's Kingdom grow through PMBC's efforts.

Administrative Team

Sonya Lindgren

Church Treasurer

Kelly Tabla

Church Clerk

Betty Duncil

Financial Secretary

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